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UFC On Versus: Cheick Kongo Vs. Paul Buentello

Round 1: Both fighters came out swinging right off the bat. Kongo went for a takedown, but Buentello was able to defend it for awhile before eventually being taken down. Buentello was working to get back to his feet, and Kongo was able to take him down again. Buentello was working for a kimura, but Kongo was able to reposition himself and got Buentello in a front face lock. Buentello broke free and then started shaking his hand, causing referee Herb Dean to pause the fight. It looked like Buentello’s pinky was dislocated, and the doctor’s came in to look at it. I’m not sure what they did, but all of a sudden Buentello jumped and apparently everything was fine and the fight is back on. They started trading and Kongo took Buentello down again. Kongo landed a couple of knees to the body but then just held Buentello. Herb Dean eventually stood them up with seconds left in the round. Kongo rocked Buentello and knocked him to the ground and landed a couple of shots as the round ended. scores the round 10-9 for Kongo.

Round 2: Kongo and Buentello traded punches again, and Kongo again took Buentello down. Kongo was landing some hard shots on Buentello on the ground as Buentello tried to work his way back to his feet. Kongo was landing elbows to Buentello’s butt, and Dean warned Kongo about the elbows. Buentello was working his way to his feet, and Kongo hit an illegal knee to Buentello’s head. Buentello was then given time to recover, and Kongo was deducted a point. The fight was restarted and Kongo took Buentello down again and landed some vicious knees to the body. Buentello got back to his feet, but was taken down again. Kongo stayed busy with knees and punches and Kongo again kneed Buentello in the head when he was downed, but Dean ruled that Buentello was playing the game (putting his hand down on the mat to make the knee illegal) and didn’t give Buentello time to recover. Excellent call by Dean. They started trading and Kongo took Buentello down again and dropped more punches on Buentello. Kongo brutalized Buentello this round. scores the round 9-8 for Kongo (due to the deducted point).

Round 3: Kongo started the round by getting another takedown. Kongo landed elbows to Buentello’s body and thigh, and Buentello eventually tapped. Kongo looked good here, and Dean did a great job, proving that he is the best referee in the business right now.

Cheick Kongo defeated Paul Buentello via tapout (strikes) at 1:16 of Round 3.