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UFC On Versus: James Irvin Vs Alessio Sakara

James Irvin vs Alessio Sakara

Round 1: Sakara landed a couple of shots early. Sakara landed a series of combinations and a spinning back fist. Sakara landed a couple of kicks to Irvin’s body and a punch to Irvin’s face. Sakara hit Irvin with a left hand that floored Irvin, and his knuckle apparently hit Irvin in his right eye and the referee stepped in to give Irvin time to recover while Sakara was wailing away on Irvin on the ground. Sakara thought that the fight was stopped, but it was only paused. Sakara was upset because he felt that it was a punch and not a poke, so it was a legal blow. The referee ruled that it was indeed a punch that floored Irvin, and called the fight.

Alessio Sakara defeated James Irvin via TKO at 3:01 of Round 1.

The crowd booed the decision, although the replay clearly showed that Irvin wasn’t poked and it was a punch.