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Frank Mir: “Brock Lesnar Is Big, He’s White, And He’s A Dick”

Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir has been at the center of some recent media firestorms due to his outspoken personality. More specifically, his comments toward Brock Lesnar a couple weeks ago made national mainstream news, and it wasn’t for the best. Apologies have been made, and with a pivotal date with Shane Carwin at UFC 111 on March 27 on hand, Mir knows he needs to focus all of his energy on Carwin, and Carwin alone.

In a recent interview with Raw Vegas TV, Mir once again spoke about the Lesnar situation, Fedor Emelianenko, and of course Shane Carwin.

“I’m just trying to get past it. A mistake was made and now I’m just trying to focus on what’s at hand, and that’s Shane Carwin,” Mir said about his comments for Lesnar.

“It was just my way of being a strategist in calling for the fight with Brock. It kinda backfired on me, but I didn’t mean anything I said, and I’ve always been focused on Carwin.”

Mir has also been critical of Fedor Emelianenko in the past, though this time; Frank had some kinder words for the great Russian heavyweight.

“On a personal note, I would love to fight against him [Fedor]. But on the other hand, he’s getting kinda laid by the way-side because he isn’t fighting the best guys in the world. I feel as though I’m a different man than I was at UFC 100, and in another fight with Brock, I could be successful. But I’m not so sure about that with Fedor.”

As to his opponent for UFC 111, Mir talked about what he sees in Carwin and what advantages he holds in the bout.

“Carwin is a big strong guy, but I feel like if I use my athleticism and stay active, I’ll have no problem. He’s only been boxing for a couple years, so I don’t think he’ll be as relaxed as me when we’re both firing shots.”

And as if Frank Mir has never given us a good quote to run with in the past, the former champ used a certain, literature based analogy in describing his “relationship” with Brock Lesnar.

“I guess I’ve kinda been Captain Ahab recently. And I like Moby Dick for him [Lesnar]. He’s big. He’s white, and he’s a dick. I guess that works.”