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Vancouver Could Lose UFC 115

Although officially unannounced as of yet, it is expected that the UFC will be holding an event in June in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with several bouts already being rumored for the card. Those plans could be in jeopardy however, if the right legislation isn’t passed.

Fighters Only magazine published an interview that MMA proponent and Vancouver city employee Tom Hamill had with the Vancouver Sun about getting MMA fully legalized.

“There’s a number of things we have to do before we can allow pro MMA; a bylaw has to be changed, we have to work out what kinds of indemnity we’re going to require,” he said. “We’re targeting to be ready for shows in May or June. The UFC wants to come by June so we’re gearing towards that.”

Some of the issues standing between the UFC and a June Vancouver show include the UFC earning a license from the Vancouver Athletic Commission, the VAC preparing itself for Mixed Martial Arts competition, and the bylaws getting changed in time for the UFC to promote their show.

Hamill suggested that with all of the internal organization that needs to be worked out, the timetable for this event will be tight. He said, “Even when all this is done, promoters are still going to have to apply to the [Vancouver Athletic Commission] so that’ll take at least a few months to work out before we’re ready to take an application.”

UFC 115 is rumored to be featuring the third meeting of rivals Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz and is in talks to be held at GM Place.