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Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Compliments UFC’s Fighter Treatment

Switching up from his recent negative comments directed towards the UFC, former light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson lauded his current employers during a conversation with Fighters Only Magazine.

In the interview, longtime Pride FC veteran Jackson compared the way that the two organizations handled a fighter’s medical issues, saying, “Yeah, [you would] take yourself to the hospital. I remember my people taking me to the hospital. I think [Pride] used to have a van there sometimes. But in the UFC if you get hurt even in practice for a fight, Dana will say ‘Come on, come to my doctor’ and they will pay for it.”

The Memphis native went on, “The UFC is really good about that. That’s one thing I really like about the UFC compared to Pride, the UFC is really good like that. But if you got hurt in practice getting ready for a Pride fight… [laughs]. And if you got hurt in a fight, like I got my hand broken over there, they don’t care.”

These positive comments about the UFC represent a break in the narrative Jackson has been offering in the last few months. Ever since Jackson chose an acting role in the new “A-Team” movie over his long-planned grudge match with Rashad Evans, he has engaged in a public smear campaign against the UFC and specifically UFC president Dana White. Over several months Jackson used his blog, Twitter, and different interviews to slam the UFC; and in one interview went so far as to indicate that he may never really have loved fighting and had never been interested in fighting for anything other than money. However, recent rumors have Jackson and White mending fences and these newest comments seem to support that.

Jackson is set to take on his rival Rashad Evans in a better-late-than-never grudge match on May 29th at UFC 114 in Las Vegas. Jackson previously indicated that he was looking to finish out his contract with the UFC and taper off his fighting career altogether. Here’s to hoping that his apparent change of heart will see him through a contract extension and more memorable fights inside the Octagon.