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Miguel Torres Tweets Picture Of Nasty Forehead Cut

A loss wasn’t the only thing Miguel Torres received on Saturday night at “WEC 47: Bowles vs. Cruz” as the former bantamweight champ has Tweeted a picture of the disgusting forehead gash he’s sporting after it met Joseph Benavidez’s elbow in the second round.

The laceration was caused when Benavidez landed a razor-sharp elbow early in the second round causing blood to gush out of Torres’ dome. Despite the slickness of the blood, Benavidez was able to secure a tight guillotine choke and submitted the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt.

After rattling off 17-consecutive wins, Torres has now dropped his last two contests.

Here are Torres’ Sunday evening Tweets:

“20 stitches in my forehead. Couldn’t see and was breathing in blood, [expletive] happens. I will be back.”

“ – So I’ll never be a model.”

“I will come out with my hand raised or I will go out on my shield. In victory or defeat my head will always be up.”