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WEC 47: Dominick Cruz Vs. Brian Bowles

Dominick Cruz Defeated Brian Bowles via TKO (Doctor Stoppage – Broken Right Hand) in the second round (Cruz becomes new WEC Bantamweight Champion)

first round:

Both fighters are going after it, Cruz almost gets caught. Each lands a big right hook, Cruz lands another and Bowles backs up

Bowles can’t make Cruz pay for leg kicks. Cruz lands another right hook but Bowles seems OK. Cruz takes Bowles down

Cruz lands a leg kick and right hook combo but eats a right from Bowles. Cruz takes the first round 10-9

second round:

Looks like Bowles has a bloody nose, Cruz is using his reach well but Bowles looks really dangerous.

Finally Bowles lands a straight right, Cruz lands another right hook while backing away. The champ eats a big combo.

Cruz lands a nice leg kick, Bowles looks a little confused. Bowles tries for a takedown, eats a low blow takes a short break.

Bowles lands a left hook Cruz counters, Cruz’s footwork loks like a boxer. Cruz gets a double leg takedown to end the round. 10-9 Cruz.

After the second round, the doctor came in and said it’s not safe for Bowles to continue. Cruz is the new champ.