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Josh Barnett Working Twitter For Next Fight

Most MMA fans only get to see the glitz and glamour side of mixed martial arts. You know, when the pay-per-view cameras are rolling and the stadium lights are shining bright? Well, heavyweight Josh Barnett just took us behind the scenes to experience what it’s like to put an actual fight together … on his Twitter account.

Although he’s less than a day removed from inking a contract to join Dream, the controversial wrestler has been trying to sell a Neil Grove or Seth Petruzelli scrap for Dream.13 on March 22nd.

No comment from Grove’s camp about the potential matchup, however Barnett and Petruzelli, the man best known for slapping Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson silly in EliteXC’s final promotion, took to the Twitter world last night to respectfully arrange a showdown.

Who were you offered so far, Josh?

“So I hear Neil Grove is a possible opponent and Seth Petruzelli wants to rumble too…bring ’em on! Seth has to bring Tom Lawler tho.”

Seth, are you interested?

“Ok so josh barnett needs a fight for dream in japan,ill do it! Who can make that happen?!”

Mr. Petruzelli, what steps have you taken to ensure this scrap goes down inside the Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Japan?

“i had my MNGR call the number you gave [Lawler]. i hope we can do this! please put in a word for me! i look forward to this!”

Let’s see if this conversation hits home with those making the decision in the Orient. We’re less than 19 days away, so the clock is definitely twittering, I mean ticking …