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Beef Between UFC And Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Remains

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has been involved in a heated back-and-forth with the UFC ever since he passed over fighting Rashad Evans at UFC 107 for a chance to star in the A-Team movie remake. And though it appeared that the beef was squashed between Rampage and Dana White as he is now officially signed on to fight Evans at UFC 114 in May, a recent interview with Fighters Only Magazine proves otherwise.

“They’ve [UFC] said some things and done some things I don’t agree with – that’s not the way I do business,” Jackson said. “I’m a loyal person so I take care of people who take care of me, but people who don’t take care of me, I don’t take care of them. So I’m done with the UFC.

They can’t ask me for anymore favors. Nothing. I just want to finish my contract and get out of there, do my own thing. Dana lied to me. He told me I didn’t have to fight Rashad and that I could fight Machida. I did the show and then after that he told me I had to fight Rashad.”

Obviously there was either some miscommunication here or one of the parties involved just isn’t being very truthful. Either way, it looks like this whole mess has turned Jackson sour on the sport of MMA.

“I don’t know how much I ever loved the fight game, to be honest,” Jackson said. “Most fighters these days join fighting because they became a fan of it. When I started I wasn’t a fan of it – I’ve been a fighter my whole life.

I just thought it was a blessing that God could give me something I could make money doing. When I was a kid I got tired of fighting. I didn’t want to be a fighter anymore. But I was just good at it. It was just something that was in my blood. Some people are fighters.”

Jackson later added. “I like it a lot less than I used to. It’s no secret, everybody knows about the falling out I had with the UFC, and it’s just unfortunate that they’re trying to blame me for doing this movie.”

While this news doesn’t bode well for Rampage’s future in the UFC, we will at least have one more opportunity to see his infamous howl as he strolls to the Octagon on May 29th at UFC 114 when he takes on Rashad Evans.