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Stephan Bonnar Will Appeal UFC 110 TKO Loss To Krzysztof Soszynski

After catching one of the worst head butts in Octagon history, Stephan Bonnar claims that he will protest the TKO loss he received from Krzysztof Soszynski at UFC 110 this weekend.

“I have never been wronged so bad in a situation that was so obvious,” Bonnar told “I still can’t understand the referee. Yes, I will appeal this decision. I just want what is fair. How do 20,000 people, including my opponent and the commentators, see that a clash of heads occurred and the referee not see it?

“I feel like I’m in a pro wrestling match, where one of the wrestlers hits his opponent over the head with a chair when the referee’s back’s turned. Everyone in the arena sees what happened but the ref, then the ref gets down and gives the three-count and gives the guy the win. It really feels like that.”

Craig Waller, executive officer for Combat Sports Authority, the Australian-based commission that oversaw UFC 110 this weekend, stated on Tuesday that Bonnar has yet to file anything to contest the result, but did say a draw would be possible.

“A technical points draw would be the only result if a protest was received and upheld,” Waller said.

A draw would certainly help Bonnar’s confidence as he’s posted a sub-par 5-6 record for the UFC and holds an 11-7 record overall.