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Keith Jardine Returning To Old Ways

Keith Jardine is at an MMA crossroad as he enters today’s UFC 110 fight against Ryan Bader. Actually, if the light heavyweight finds himself on the wrong end of another knockout loss, his UFC career could be at a dead end.

Jardine has lost three of his last four scraps via some form of knockout, however believes that by going back to his awkward slugging ways, he’ll once again solidify his spot as an upper-echelon 205-pounder.

“I’m always called unorthodox by people and, to be honest, I didn’t even know I was all that unorthodox until people started saying it to me,” Jardine told of his unique fighting style. “I’ve actually started straying from that kind of style in recent times and have tried to clean my style up a little bit too much.

“In hindsight, I think [it] actually hurt me in some ways. I tried fixing some things that weren’t actually broken and it really didn’t suit me. I lost parts of what I did naturally.”

It appears that fans can expect to see the old Jardine inside the Acer Arena in Syndey, Australia on Saturday, however be prepared to take a long hard look because it could be the last time you catch a glimpse of him in an Octagon.