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Joe Stevenson Credits Maturity For Career Turnaround

Since taking the “The Ultimate Fighter 2″ title four years ago, Joe Stevenson has had an up-and-down Octagon career. Although he remains one of the organization’s more popular fighters, Joe Daddy knows he needs to put together an extended win streak in order to get to another championship fight.

Despite taking his last two contests, he isn’t too concerned with how many more he needs to string together to get back into a five-round title affair.

“It is awesome that people are starting to talk about me maybe fighting for the title again. But I don’t want it to be a whisper in the wind that I ‘maybe’ get a title shot,” Stevenson said. “I want to keep on winning, and winning big, so the fans are like “Give Joe Daddy his second title shot already!”

Prior to his back-to-back victories, Stevenson had lost two consecutive and that’s what made him take a long look in the mirror. That hard stare caused the Californian to make significant changes to his training regimen, something he knows has already paid huge dividends.

“When you lose, you have to grow,” he said of his decision to search-out MMA’s top guru. “If I wanted to go forward, I had to make changes and going with Greg Jackson’s camp was something I needed to do if I wanted to go back to winning.”

Joe Daddy plans to ride his two-fight wave into UFC 110 this weekend against George Sotiropoulos in Sydney, Australia. You can catch the PPV over the internet at Yahoo! Sports by clicking here.