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War Of Words Heats Up Between Wanderlei Silva And Michael Bisping

After giving a charismatic and appreciative hello to the Australian media at yesterday’s UFC 110 pre-fight press conference, Silva quickly turned to Bisping and emphatically stated, “I’m Going to Kick Your Ass!”

“The Axe Murder” is looking to rejuvenate his illustrious career in the smaller weight class after dropping five of his last six scraps, including his last two. As they say in the business world, numbers don’t lie and it was something the confident Brit was quick to point out.

“You have to win fights in this business and you haven’t been doing that,” Bisping said directly to Silva about his less than spectacular three-year run.

The hot-tempered Brazilian rapidly fired back with a good ‘ol fashioned, “Shut up!”

Bisping claims that Silva hasn’t given him the respect that he deserves and has left him no choice but to “take that respect” in the land down under.

When asked why he dislikes Bisping so much, Wanderlei comically responded with, “No one likes him,” which sent countless chuckles throughout the media room, including from Bisping who replied with, “I don’t give a (expletive).”

Saturday night’s co-main event inside the Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia just got a lot more interesting …