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Brock Lesnar Not On Fedor’s Radar?

Strikeforce heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko has often been at the center of debates throughout his storied MMA career. Whether the topic is who is the best pound for pound fighter out there, when (or if) is he going to come to the UFC, etc. The hot button issue nowadays seems to be who would win a fight if Brock Lesnar and Fedor ever met inside the cage, or ring. And being the humble man that he is, I’m sure Fedor would provide us with his best answer to that question. That is, if he knew who Lesnar was.

Speaking to a group of reporters in Ukraine earlier this week, Fedor was asked the question – Would you best interested in fighting Bobby Lashley or Brock Lesnar in the future? The response that came out of “The Last Emperor’s” mouth was classic.

“If we get such an opportunity than we will fight, of course,” Fedor said. “Bobby Lashley is now signed with Strikeforce. Uh, um. Excuse me, please, who was the second one?”

Someone in attendance at the press conference then quickly reminded him who exactly Lesnar was.

“Yes, Lesnar,” Fedor said. “Brock Lesnar is the UFC champion. These fights are possible. I would be glad to fight them. I never fought fighters like them before.”

Well, once Fedor correctly remembered who the UFC heavyweight champ was, he appeared to be open to fighting him sometime in the future. Will that ever happen? Who knows? What we do know is Emelianenko first needs to get by Fabricio Werdum sometime this spring for that discussion to continue to have any legs.