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Bobby Lashley Isn’t Worried About Losing Fans

Although former TNA wrestler Bobby Lashley announced recently that he would be concentrating full time on MMA, he isn’t too worried about a drop off in fan support.

“This will probably break some hearts, but make a lot of MMA fans happy,” the American Top Team-trained fighter told

I couldn’t really tell you what Lashely’s pro wrestling record is, nor do I wish to Google it to try and find out, but I do know he holds a perfect 5-0 mark in mixed martial arts and has emerged much improved each time he takes the cage, specifically in his last three outings.

However, Lashley doesn’t expect too drastic a fallout from his recent career choice as his fans seem to follow him around everywhere he goes, and don’t think for a second that he doesn’t notice or appreciate it.

“It’s kinda weird. It seems like it is almost the same fans,” Lashley said of his followers. “I like to keep in touch with my fans, so I hear it all. ‘You should only fight. You should come back to professional wrestling.’ So I don’t know who is watching me where, but as long as they are there.

“I love my fans and I’ll never turn my back on my pro wrestling fans and I’m very happy to have new MMA fans as well.”