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Matt Serra’s Coach Hopes For Rematch With BJ Penn

Fresh off a devastating knockout win over Frank Trigg at UFC 109, former welterweight champion Matt Serra’s longtime coach, Ray Longo, wouldn’t mind a mulligan against MMA’s baddest lightweight.

“You know what I think would be a great fight and that’s only because they fought once before? I’d love to see him fight BJ Penn,” Longo told FightMagazine. “If BJ wanted to come up in weight because obviously Serra can’t get any lower. But I thought they had a great fight, I think it’s an interesting fight because BJ will stand there with him I think. And they’re both not going to go anywhere standing up now.”

Penn took a unanimous decision over Serra in a UFC 39 lightweight battle back in February 2002, however that was many moons, and pounds, ago. The Hawaiian has dominated the 155-pound weight class since re-entering it a few years back, finishing all five of his opponents en route to capturing the crown.

Longo believes both fighters have evolved quite a bit since their first meeting eight years ago, however if it’s not Penn, he just wants to see his client end his career against the sport’s biggest names.

“Matt didn’t really have the standup when he fought him the first time and the ground thing would be exciting,” said Longo. “I think that’s a really good fight and I’d like to see Matt now stay with the marquee names and some big fights.”

Penn COULD move up to welterweight and face Serra, or they COULD meet at a catchweight, however it doesn’t make sense to move Penn around for a rematch that does nothing for him or his legacy.