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Randy Couture Vs. Anderson Silva Not Likely For UFC 112

With less than eight-weeks before UFC 112 draws the curtain, the rumor mill is buzzing with potential replacements to meet Anderson Silva for his middleweight title.

Even though UFC president Dana White stated they intend to keep Silva in a title fight, pickings for a blockbuster 185-pound opponent are slim due to what took place this weekend at UFC 109.

Randy Couture’s name has been floating around, however it would be an extremely quick turnaround for the soon-to-be 47-year-old Couture, who just beat Mark Coleman at UFC 109 this weekend.

When Couture’s name was first mentioned, it appeared to be nothing more than chatter, however it has really picked up some steam in the eyes of hopeful Octagon fans.

Sorry folks, multiple news outlets have reported that it’s highly unlikely the bout will go down.