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After UFC 109 Victory, It’s All Gravy For Matt Serra

Many fans are curious what MMA fighters do when they’re not fighting. Former UFC welterweight champ Matt Serra recently shared his struggles with giving up the carb-filled meals of his Italian ancestors, which plays a direct role in his profession.

“It gets a little more difficult,” Serra told regarding his love for Italian food. “I’m 35 now. Last time I made lightweight I was at least 29. It’s not just because I love the pasta, of course I love the pasta.”

Ah, so there in lies the TRUTH as to why the proud Italian-American doesn’t want to return to the lightweight class, he doesn’t want to permanently surrender the delicious dishes with all the red sauce.

“I do the right thing. I eat right, I’m disciplined. I’m not at 170 because I’m lazy,” Serra quickly stated of his training regimen. “It’s not like it’s any easier time down (at 155), those (expletive) are quick.”

It works out nicely for Serra as he appears to enjoy the challenge of fighting larger opponents, especially if he can keep stuffing his face.

Speaking of eating …

“At my in-laws, I’m gonna have a crazy party, and then at night I’m going to my mother’s,” Serra said of his strict celebratory diet. “So I’m just gonna have marinara sauce coming out of my eyeballs.”

It’s all gravy, make that Italian gravy…