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Michael Bisping Tired Of Talking UFC 100 Knockout

Seven months ago today, middleweight Michael Bisping was caught on the wrong end of a devastating highlight-reel knockout. Although he showed his mettle by taking a come-from-behind victory over Denis Kang in his last outing at UFC 105, the Brit can’t stop talking about Dan Henderson.

“I’ve got to be honest that it kind of pisses me off people [keep] going on about that all the time, as if I’m stupid,” Bisping said of the annoying and redundant media coverage over his violent UFC 100 loss.

When asked on the UFC 110 conference call what he would have done differently, Bisping was very technical with his answer.

“Obviously, when you’re fighting an opponent, you move to their weak side,” an agitated Bisping explained. “But, sometimes in a fight, if the guy’s cutting you off or you’re taking some big shots, they leave you with no option but to go that way. Sometimes, after taking a few shots, you’re fighting on instinct as well.”

Bisping will face Wanderlei Silva at UFC 110 on February 20th.