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Junie Browning Continues To Depress is reporting that Junie Browning (4-2) lost to Aaron Hall (2-2) at Wild Bill’s Fight Night 25 this past Friday. After missing weight and throwing in the towel before the second round, it seems that MMA’s Lindsay Lohan has added another chapter to what is becoming a long and depressing downward spiral.

Junie didn’t make weight for the contest and refused to lose the extra pounds at his opponent’s request. The fight went on anyway and, in a bizarre turn, Browning’s corner threw in the towel before the second round because of a groin injury.

Junie gained infamy as a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 with his anger and alcohol fueled antics. After showing promise in a Fight of the Night winning performance against Dave Kaplan at The Ultimate Finale 8, Browning lost to Cole Miller and was kicked out of the UFC after he attempted suicide and then attacked the nurses that were treating him.

It has been reported that Browning will take on Reza Madadi (8-2) at Superior Challenge 5 on April 24.