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Urijah Faber Open To Tyson Griffin Rematch At Lightweight

In the waning months of 2005, Urijah Faber (23-3) fought Tyson Griffin (14-2) at “Gladiator Challenge 42: Summer Slam” and lost for the first time in his 9 fight career. The fight would be his last in the lightweight division. Feeling that he was too light for 155lbs, he moved down to the featherweight class (145lbs) and went on to capture the World Extreme Cagefighting belt in that weight class. He has since lost the belt but has remained one of the top ranked featherweights in the world and will be fighting to get his belt back in April on the WEC’s first pay-per-view event.

Despite the challenge that looms for Faber, he has recently been thinking back on that fight with Griffin from early on in their careers and he wants to avenge his loss. is reporting that at a recent Q&A session for UFC Fight Club members Faber had this to say about the rematch with Griffin: “I’ll be around here for a while, and I’d love to get that fight again.”

Tyson Griffin has said it before, and one need only look at him to see that making a cut to 145lbs is basically out of the question. This means Faber would have to head up in weight, and in exposure, into the UFC’s lightweight division. Apparently, Faber has several weight jumps in mind as he alluded to in this quote: “I’ll probably go down to 135 (pounds) [then] go up to 155. I don’t want to fight any of my buddies at [135 pounds]. I’ll just fight people I don’t like, and fights the fans want to see. (It’s the) same with going up in weight. I’m not trying to mow through the weight class; I’m trying to fight superfights that fans want to see. At this point for me, I’ve had 26 fights, and I just want to do big, exciting fights. Go up? Go down? It’s all good.”

Faber isn’t completely opposed to fighting his friends and even has one in mind: the lightweight champion of the UFC, BJ Penn. “B.J. and I went on a USO tour together, and we’re buddies, and we’ve trained together, but we’re in the fight game to find out who’s the man. I’m sure B.J. wouldn’t have a problem fighting me, and I don’t have a problem fighting him. We’ll be buddies later.”

A move up or down in weight for Urijah Faber would lend itself to any number of exciting match ups. We will have to wait and see what happens in his next matchup, at WEC 48 on April 24 against Jose Aldo, to be able to determine if, when, and against whom he will make his debut in a new weight class.