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Randy Couture Continues To Climb Light-Heavyweight Ranks At 46

Randy Couture continues to climb the ranks of the UFC light-heavyweight division at the age of 46, and passed yet another challenge after defeating fellow Hall of Famer Mark Coleman at UFC 109: Relentless tonight.

“I’m having a blast, I feel like I’m improving each and every time I get out here,” Couture admitted after the bout. “It’s my third fight in seven months, and it feels good to be so active.”

Couture foreshadowed his eventual submission victory via boa choke as he came to the cage to Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold.” Couture admitted that picking that song was not a coincidence.

“We’ve been working on a boa choke, a side choke and a rear-naked choke a bunch,” said Couture. “If I got him on the ground, I wanted to head hunt. I got a chance to get it and sometimes it works out.”

Since returning to the UFC in 2008, Couture has faced a who’s who of MMA in Brock Lesnar, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Brandon Vera and Mark Coleman. And as Joe Rogan noted after the bout, he continually looks better, improving on aspects of his game each time he’s in the cage.

“46 years old and getting better, this is crazy,” Rogan exclaimed after the bout.

Couture quickly corrected Rogan saying, “46 years young.”