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Chael Sonnen Seeks Middleweight Championship After Dominating Nate Marquardt

Chael Sonnen put in the performance of his life at UFC 109: Relentless tonight, as he dominated Nate Marquardt to earn a lopsided unanimous decision victory. While Sonnen won all three rounds on all the judges scorecards, he admitted to being hurt throughout the fight.

“It was horrible, he hurt me early on, even when I was on top,” Sonnen recounted after the bout. “I was hurt from the first round, I just had to hang in there.”

While Sonnen was dominant in victory, Marquardt appeared to be close to stealing the fight several times throughout the three rounds. In the second round, Marquardt cut Sonnen with a vicious elbow that left Sonnen spraying blood like a faucet.

“I was scared that was going to stop the fight,” Sonnen recalled.

Marquardt went on to catch Sonnen with a tight guillotine late in the third round. With the crowd going wild and little time left, Sonnen was able to pop out and survive the rest of the round.

“I was counting down the seconds in my head hoping he would let go,” he admitted.

Sonnen now finds himself as the number one contender for Anderson Silva’s middleweight championship, as
UFC President Dana White announced late last week that the winner of the bout would be the top contender. Sonnen noted that he was striving to be the champion.

“I don’t want to be an also-ran, I’m here to be the king of the mountain or I’ll move on in life and do something else,” said Sonnen. “I think I can beat any man god’s ever made.”

Sonnen had already started the war of words with Silva even before stepping into the cage tonight, telling MMAWeekly recently that Silva was “no more the top fighter out there than Bigfoot is roaming the woods.”

He added that Silva being the best fighter in the world “is an absolute myth, and all these guys can buy into it, but there’s a young man out in Portland, Oregon, that is not signing up on that bandwagon.”

If Silva can get past Vitor Belfort at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi, Sonnen will get his chance to prove everyone wrong.