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Matt Serra Garners First Win Since Defeating Georges St-Pierre For UFC Welterweight Title

Matt Serra found himself notching up his first victory in the Octagon since defeating Georges St-Pierre for the UFC welterweight championship at UFC 69: Shootout. Serra needed only 2:23 to knock Frank Trigg out and walk away with his first win in nearly three years.

“I’m very happy,” Serra admitted after the fight.

While Serra is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, he hasn’t had an official MMA victory via submission since March of 2002 when he submitted at Kelly Dullanty at UFC 36: Worlds Collide. Serra’s devastating right hand, which was responsible for taking out GSP, came to his aid again tonight, as he floored Trigg with a huge overhand right before finishing him off with a couple more punches on the ground.

“I knew he was worried a lot about my right, but I’ve been working on my left,” he stated. “But hell, I’ll take the right.

“I know he has vicious ground-and-pound, he does very well with jiu-jitsu guys. So guys fight him trying to get him on his back and they waste their energy and what not. I didn’t want to do that, I believe in my stand-up. I’m not the prettiest guy on the pads, but in sparring I land it, it hurts so that’s OK, I’ll take that.”

Trigg and Serra had engaged in verbal tirades against each other over the past few weeks, with Trigg mocking Serra’s height – or lack thereof.

“I think the power [from my punches] comes from being so stocky,” Serra joked after the fight. “I think because I’m kinda like Gimli from Lord of the Rings.”

Despite the trash talking between the two, Serra gave Trigg his props after the fight.

“Frank is such a stud wrestler, I really have a lot of respect for Frank Trigg,” Serra admitted.