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Herschel Walker Responds To Jose Canseco’s Challenge

Former Heisman trophy winner Herschel Walker recently made his MMA debut at “Strikeforce: Miami” with a respectable performance against Greg Nagy that netted him a Unanimous Decision win. Walker trained for his fight at the world class American Kickboxing Academy, headed by renowned trainer Javier Mendez and home to UFC standouts Mike Swick, Josh Koscheck, Jon Fitch, and Cain Velasquez. He points to these world class training conditions, a necessary respect for the sport, and a complete dedication to his training as the reasons he did well in his fight.

If Herschel Walker represents the best, or at least the most serious, of the crossover athletes to compete in MMA, Jose Canseco represents the worst. In his lone MMA outing, Canseco participated in a circus-like matchup against Korea’s giant Hong Man Choi at DREAM 9. Jose’s effort in his newest scheme to earn a paycheck was laughable at best and an affront to Mixed Martial Arts at worst.

So it comes as no surprise that the always slimy Jose Canseco recently challenged Herschel Walker to a fight via Twitter, posting, “I guess I may have to show Herschel Walker who the real bad Boy of the Sports industry is. If the powers that be are reading, I want in.”

Fanhouse at is reporting that, still making the media rounds to talk about his victory, Walker responded to Canseco’s half-hearted challenge while giving an interview on the Bob and Dan Radio Show in Dallas.

“Jose wants to do this for money,” Walker said. “My thing is, if he wants to fight me and he thinks it’s going to be a circus, I will hurt him. This is not a joke, I will hurt him, because I don’t do things as a joke. I don’t do this as entertainment. If we go out and play a flag football game, that’s entertainment. We’re having fun. But this MMA fighting, is real. You can get hurt, and he doesn’t understand it. I do this as an MMA fighter, not as a joke.”

As enjoyable as it may be to see Jose Canseco squirm around a ring trying to delay a beating only to succumb to such moments later, it would be bad for the sport (and bad for Walker if he wants to continue to be taken seriously as an MMA fighter) to have this fight take place or to allow Jose Canseco to compete again.