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Don Frye Talks Retirement, Couture Vs. Coleman And More

Mixed Martial Arts pioneer, ex-firefighter, former professional wrestler, actor, UFC tournament champion twice over, and most feared mustache on the planet are only a few of the accolades Don “The Predator” Frye can hang on his mantle. The K-1, Pride, IFL, and UFC veteran recently gave an exclusive interview to and discussed a breadth of topics spanning from boxers competing in MMA to his feelings towards UFC president Dana White.

When asked if he was definitely retired Frye replied, “Yeah, yeah… I’m done with it. I just lost my desire. A lot of it was the promoters, and the time commitment. You know, to be a top athlete, it’s a pretty selfish endeavor.” Frye went on to name the desire to be with and raise his children as a prime factor for leaving the game.

“The Predator” also weighed in on James Toney’s desire to compete in MMA with this: “I don’t think he would do fantastic. It’s a different sport. If James and I were ever to have a boxing match, he’d beat the s*** out of me; If me and Tiger Woods played golf, he’d kill me; If me and Lance Armstrong got into a bike race, he’d destroy me. So if you throw James Toney in an MMA ring, he’s going to get destroyed.”

He went on to say that against a good wrestler most any boxer is doomed as soon as the fight hits the canvas. This led to the topic of Saturday night’s UFC bout between Mark Coleman and Randy Couture, a fight Frye says he is sure to be watching. Asked to give his prediction of the fight Frye replied, “I don’t know. Both of those guys beat the tar out of me on several occasions, so how the hell should I know [laughs]. It’s going to be like sex with a grizzly bear, you know, a lot of scratching and growling on both sides.”

Never one to pull his punches, Frye wasn’t hesitant to express his disdain of the UFC president. “I have no feelings for the guy [laughs]. No feelings, good or bad. He’s a non-person. He doesn’t exist in my book. I just don’t like when I see him on TV, yelling and cussing at the fighters. It’s because he writes their checks. You know any one of them could take his head off in a second, but they don’t because they want the money.”

Don Frye finishes his career with a record of 20 wins, 8 losses, 1 draw and with 1 No Contest. Frye will forever be known as MMA’s resident tough guy, especially for his epic slugfest with Yoshihiro Takayama during Pride FC’s glory days. He fought and beat everyone from Tank Abott, Gary Goodridge, and Gilbert Yvel to Ken Shamrock and proved competitive even as he climbed past 40 years of age. This interview proves that while we may not be able to see him fight anymore, we will never be at a loss for his one of a kind personality.