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Bobby Lashley Want To Be Built Slowly… Or A Title Shot

Pro wrestler turned MMA fighter Bobby Lashley has been the topic of countless debates relating to his true intentions in the sport. But the man does seem to shoot us straight when he is interviewed and he has shown to an extent, that his strength and athleticism can carry over from the ring to the cage.

For those reasons, Lashley’s fifth professional MMA fight against Wes Sims at Strikeforce: Miami was under close scrutiny. “The Dominator” lived up to all the hype once again winning in decisive fashion via TKO in the first round. Ariel Helwani of caught up with Lashley to talk about his latest challenge in his still young career.

“Anytime you go out there and win, you gotta be happy with that. I would have liked to get a little more work in, but the guy took the fight on one-week notice, so, I’ll take it,” Lashley told Helwani.

When asked what he thought of Sims’s attempt to get in his mind early in the fight, Lashley told us what we already knew, that junk wasn’t working. “No, not really. I just waited till he put his hands down. I think we should switch sports actually.”

But the most pressing question regarding Lashley’s MMA career is when will he make that next step up in competition and truly test himself. While most people seem to think that now’s the time to make the jump, Lashley has a bit of a different take.

“This is what I want to do. It’s gonna be one of two things. Either let me continue to build the way I wanna build, or give me the title shot. Give me Fedor or Overeem. I won’t do anything in the middle.

People are pushing me because I have a name. Look at other champions in the sport, and in their fifth fight, they weren’t fighting big names. But if that’s what it takes for critics to lay off me. Give me the title shot.”

A fight against one of the best fighters if not the best fighter to ever live in Fedor, is probably not a fight that Lashley would have much of a chance winning, and even he knows that.

“Probably not, no. I’m not ready. But give me six months and I’ll be ready for anyone.”