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Matt Hughes Not Impressed With Strikeforce’s Treatment Of Fighters

Matt Hughes is happy to call the UFC his home, and had some not-so-kind words for Strikeforce and how they treat their fighters. The former UFC welterweight champion was with team-mate Robbie Lawler for Lawler’s fight against Melvin Manhoef for last Saturday’s Strikeforce: Miami event, where he says he witnessed firsthand how poorly Strikeforce treats their fighters.

“When we walked in the hotel there were a couple of people from Strikeforce in the hotel, in the lobby,” Hughes said during an interview with Yahoo! Sports. “By gosh, I don’t fight for Strikeforce so don’t worry about me but you would’ve thought they would’ve stood up and shook Robbie’s hand, but nobody did.

“I mean they acknowledged him, they nodded their head or something but it’s little things like that where you just don’t feel at home. The UFC wouldn’t do that. I’m comparing them to the UFC because that’s the best organization I know.”

However, Hughes does admit that regardless of how Strikeforce treats their fighters, the organization has lasting power.

“Strikeforce might make a little bit of money, so I don’t think they are financially going to go away. There’s just some differences on how the fighters are treated,” he stated.

Hughes returns to the cage after nearly a year, as he faces Renzo Gracie at UFC 112 on April 10, 2010 in Abu Dhabi.