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Jake Shields Looks To Make Welterweight Return Down The Road

Jake Shields (24-4-1) is Strikeforce’s current middleweight champion but his future in that division, and possibly that promotion, are reportedly uncertain. It is currently expected that Shields will face Strikeforce newcomer and MMA veteran Dan Henderson (25-7) in a fight to contest the middleweight belt. In an interview with, Shields echoes this expectation but says nothing is official yet.

“I think Dan is a great fighter, he’s a legend and it’d be a great opportunity for me. He’s ranked in two weights and in P4P, so he’d be a real challenge,” says Shields. When asked who else he would like to face in the future Shields pointed to another pound-for-pound great, however this one is a welterweight champion that calls an organization besides Strikeforce home.

“Right now Dan Henderson is a possibility, and of course at welterweight against GSP.” Shields went on to further fuel the rumor mill by adding, “I’m a natural welterweight, so I’ll probably go back to that weight at that some point.”

It is probably safe to assume that since Shields is close friends and training partners with current Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz that he won’t want to make that return in the Strikeforce 170lbs division. While this may not be more than speculation based on rumors and vague comments by Shields, as an MMA fan the prospect of the Strikeforce champ making the move to the UFC is certainly an interesting thing to consider as many world class opponents and exciting matchups would await him.