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Randy Couture Goes Back To His Wrestling Roots For Bout With Mark Coleman

While some are calling the upcoming bout between Randy Couture and Mark Coleman a less-then-thrilling match-up, Couture recently told that he is getting ready for the fight of a lifetime. The UFC hall-of-famer said he is brushing up on his wrestling skills in preparation for the UFC 109 bout this Saturday.

“I think it’s always interesting for me to face another wrestler,” Couture told “Wrestlers have a little bit different mindset and do things a little bit differently in a lot of situations. It becomes interesting to me, personally, to face another wrestler and see how we solve some of those problems.”

Couture noted that he was solidifying a fight strategy that he hopes to implement on Saturday night.

“He’s a big, strong guy, so you’ve got to be attentive in there,” he noted. “You don’t want to stand in front of him for very long. I’ve been working a lot on my footwork and moving and creating angles and using combinations. I want to continue to do that with Mark.”

The two UFC hall of famers are 45 and 46 years of age, respectively. Couture is quick to laugh off the criticism about their ages.

“There’s almost 100 years between us,” Couture joked. “I’m sure one of the old-age factions out there is going to get behind this fight. Maybe the Depends group. My buddies here say we should move it to Caesar’s and call it the ‘Geezers at Caesar’s.’

“I’ve heard it all for this one, so it’s no different, really. We’re having a good time, he said.

UFC 109 will take place this Saturday, Feb 6 at 10PM ET/7PM PT from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, NV.