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UFC’s Gray Maynard Not Worried About Title Snub

The UFC lightweight title boat has set said and Gray Maynard is perfectly ok with watching it leave without him.

Even though Maynard has already beaten the #1 contender for BJ Penn’s lightweight title, Frank Edgar, he’s fine with not getting the nod at UFC 112 against Penn.

After narrowly beating Nate Diaz at “UFC Fight Night 20,” Maynard felt that he still had a ways to go before he would be on Penn’s level and his mentor/trainer Randy Couture agreed.

“I think Frankie is a great opponent for BJ and I’m excited to watch them fight. I would have loved the opportunity to fight for the belt, but I think timing was a big factor for me,” Maynard wrote on his website.

It was blatantly obvious that Diaz’s antics had taken Maynard out of his comfort zone and forced him to deviate from the gameplan that he and Couture had come up with.

Knowing that he has to improve his mental game to even compete on Penn’s level, Maynard wants to take his time before getting a crack at the title.

“I just need to stay focused and keep working hard towards my goals and the title shot will come,” Maynard explained.