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Georges St-Pierre Wants More Knockouts

Although UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre possesses MMA’s deadliest ground game, he isn’t pleased with the lack of highlight reel finishes on his resume, specifically of late.

“I’m not satisfied about my ratio of knockouts,” GSP told “I have knockouts, but I want to bring my ratio up. I’m more powerful than I was, and by being more powerful I’m faster as well. Power is strength and speed together.”

GSP has worked hard to add mass to his nearly-flawless MMA game, and he’s hoping that will help make a difference.

“Right now, I’m about 190lbs. I’m bigger and I’m getting even bigger than I was, more powerful, and more explosive. I hit much harder,” St-Pierre emphatically stated. “We have been working on a lot of different stuff to make me hit harder and to give me more power on my strikes. It’s going to change a lot of things.”

GSP has the perfect opportunity to showcase his new-found punching power when he meets British slugger Dan Hardy at UFC 111. So what the 170-pound king is basically saying is, expect there to be some violent fist-pumping action at the Jersey Shore on March 27th.