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Herschel Walker On A Special Diet

Everyone knows how important the proper nutrition is when it comes to competing in professional sports.

Herschel Walker is a 47-year-old mixed martial artist that eats only one meal per day and he’s set to make his professional MMA debut this Saturday.

“He’s a freak, but this is not a freak show,” Luke Rockhold, one of Walker’s main training partners, told Yahoo!Sports. “He put in three months of training at one of the best gyms in the world. He’s legitimate.”

Although he’s a newcomer to the combat sport, Walker’s work ethic, drive, and physical condition appear to be second to none, however what shocks Rockhold the most about the former NFL great is the fact he barely eats anything.

“He eats one meal a day, at night,” he said of Walker’s meal plan. “He has salad, soup, maybe chicken soup, and bread, and he’s not afraid to put butter on it. He eats no meat and no fish.”

Considering the countless amounts of calories MMA fighters expend while training, it’s amazing Walker is able to push his body to the limits that the violent sport demands. Although his eating habits aren’t anything you would write Richard Simmons about, it’s served him well.

“It’s just what my body has gotten used to,” Walker said. “I just started eating this way in college. I was going to class. I was a very good student, ran track and played football. I was always doing something so it didn’t have time to eat until the evening.”

You can catch Strikeforce: Miami on Showtime this Saturday.