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Brock Lesnar Talks About His Health Issues, His Return, Frank Mir & More

The UFC heavyweight division received a major jolt, and a huge sigh of relief from UFC President Dana White, when Brock Lesnar announced his return to the octagon earlier this week.

“I still am the UFC heavyweight champion,” Lesnar stated earlier this week. “I know the (fighters in the) heavyweight division are definitely back on their toes again because Brock Lesnar is back.”

For the first time since falling ill in early November, Lesnar addressed the world this past week and noted that he had contracted a “severe case of diverticulitis” which was believed to require a surgical procedure that would ultimately end his MMA career.

“I got very, very sick. It was a challenging time,” Lesnar admitted. “I thought my career had ended.”

Lesnar was advised by doctors that he needed surgery to have his colon removed. The heavyweight champion was uneasy about doing the surgery and opted to heal himself. However, after a check up on Jan. 5, Lesnar says that doctors were “dumbfounded” and that no trace of any problem could be found in his stomach.

“It’s just a miracle to me,” he admitted.

Despite the doubts by fans and industry members that will surely creep up about his ability and conditioning level after suffering the illness, Lesnar says there won’t be any more problems.

“I’m feeling 100%,” said Lesnar. “I haven’t felt like this for a year and a half. I lost a lot a weight. For a while I thought I would go to 205, but I like my steak and potatoes too much. Now I gotta eat my ruff-ge too.”

While most other people would have rested at home after leaving the hospital, Lesnar had other plans.

“When I left the hospital, the next day I was in the gym,” he stated. “I’ve had to work up from ground zero and build my base up again. But I’m alive and well and ready to kick some ass.”

He may not have to wait that long, as White said that Lesnar will defend his title against the winner of the Frank Mir/Shane Carwin interim title match which takes place in New Jersey at UFC 111. If one of those fighters is injured, Lesnar will take on the winner of Minotauro Nogueira and Cain Velasquez which takes place at UFC 110 in Australia.

Lesnar made it clear that he was 100% motivated to fight anyone and everyone in the UFC Heavyweight Division, especially the man he pummeled at UFC 100. Frank Mir is on the returning heavyweight champion’s radar and Lesnar is already looking to continue what he started at UFC 100.

“I didn’t beat him as bad as I could,” Lesnar said of Mir, who then proceeded to poke fun at Mir for his comments since their last meeting. “I’ll take care of that stalker.”

Apparently, Brock feels that Frank Mir’s attention has focused far too much on the heavyweight champion after their last meeting. However, while Lesnar wants to finish Mir off once and for all, he noted that he is ready for anyone in the heavyweight divison.

“I’m getting ready for anybody and everybody,” he said.

Whoever, whenever, it’s all good with Lesnar. Just let him know, he’ll be back in the office tomorrow.

“I’ll be back in the gym on Thursday morning,” he noted. “I’m going to have a mini-camp. I’ll just sit back, I’ll sharpen my skills, and I’ll be prepared for either one of those guys. If it’s Nogueira, if it’s Velasquez, I know one thing, all them guys are [expletive] their pants right now.”

Lesnar is expected to return sometime in the summer, and may headline the UFC’s debut in White’s hometown of Boston, MA.

Thanks to Tim Ngo, James Kimball and Erik Fontanez