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Brock Lesnar: "I Still Am The UFC Heavyweight Champion"

Even though Brock Lesnar announced that he will be returning to the UFC, Dana White says the show must go on and that means the UFC 111 heavyweight bout between Frank Mir and Shane Carwin is still going to be for the interim heavyweight title.

“Because he’s been out so long and we were so unsure on what was gonna happen, we have a fight in Newark, New Jersey on March 27th. Undefeated Shane Carwin is gonna fight the former heavyweight champion Frank Mir,” White confirmed. “The winner of that fight will be the interim champion and will face Brock Lesnar this summer.”

While appearing on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” early Wednesday morning, Lesnar made sure that everyone knew that nobody has beaten him for his title yet.

“Let’s be clear with that, I still am the UFC heavyweight champion,” the heavyweight champ told ESPN’s Josh Elliot.

A wise man named Ric Flair once said, “to be the man, you have to beat the man” (Side Note: Lesnar did beat Flair… In the WWE of course).

White already let the cat out of the bag saying that Lesnar would return sometime in the summer, which had me thinking that he’s already looking to have his biggest star headline the event scheduled for White’s hometown of Boston.

“I know one thing, all them guys are [expletive] their pants right now,” Lesnar said of his fellow heavyweights about his return to the UFC.