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Wanderlei Silva And Anderson Silva Squash Their Beef

One of the hottest rivalries in the sport appears to be over. At the UFC 108 Q&A earlier this month, Wanderlei Silva noted that he had spoken with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, and not longer wants to fight “The Spider.”

“I talked with Anderson,” Silva stated. “We had our problems, but at this moment, I don’t want to fight with him. He’s the champ, so I need to prove that I deserve the fight.”

Anderson Silva stated late last year that the cold war was generated by the media.

“Most part of everything that was reported between us was foolish from the media,” Anderson told Fighter’s Only Magazine. “The media wants to sell a polemic image of us and it was what happened.”

Problems between the two Silvas’ can be traced back many years. Both Anderson and Wanderlei competed in the now-defunct PRIDE organization and trained together at the Chute Boxe Academy in Brazil, a Muay Thai academy where Wanderlei was their top dog. Wanderlei even cornered Anderson for several of his fights in PRIDE.

Anderson left the academy in early 2005 to start Muay Thai Dream Team after several disputes with Chute Boxe’s management. Anderson blamed Wanderlei for not being used by PRIDE after his departure from Chute Box, as Wanderlei was PRIDE’s biggest star. Anderson’s last fight with PRIDE was during his stint with Chute Box on December 31, 2004, when he lost to Ryo Chonan via submission in the third round – a fight where he was cornered by Wanderlei.

Anderson also echoed Wanderlei’s statement that a fight between the two was not in cards.

“I’m training to fight the best,” Anderson Silva noted. “It’s a fight that I wouldn’t like to happen, but if it comes to pass it would just be another normal fight for me. There won’t be anything new in that fight for either me or him.”