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Dana White Talks Zuffa Sale, Frankie Edgar, Anderson Silva And More

There’s been a lot of news circling the Zuffa machine over past couple of weeks and’s Ariel Helwani recently caught up with UFC front man Dana White to discuss some of the key talking points.

Dana White on the recent transaction between Zuffa and Abu Dhabi:

We’ve had lots of offers over the years, but we’ve never really felt it was a right fit before. We didn’t need the money, but we feel they will be great strategic partners. Obviously they have money too. They can not only help us get into new markets that we haven’t been to, but they can help us where we have already been as well.

On the rumored UFC 112 card in Abu Dhabi:

Obviously we’re gonna do an event there, but I don’t know if it will be April. We’re trying to figure out where they can hold the event. They’re actually going to build an arena just for the UFC in the future.

On who is next in line for BJ Penn:

It’ll be Frankie Edgar. He’s looked very well in his last couple fights. He’s beat some big names and looked good doing so, so I’m gonna give Frankie the shot.

On why Frankie Edgar was given the shot over Gray Maynard:

The last couple performances I’ve seen with Gray Maynard, I just don’t think he’s ready for BJ Penn.

On the status of Brock Lesnar:

I do have some news. I’m gonna hold a press conference in Vegas by next Tuesday. Brock will be there.

On his thoughts about UFN 20 in Fairfax, VA:

I was happy with the fights. Obviously the main event left a little to be desired, but overall it was a good show for us.

On Anderson Silva’s next fight:

Anderson Silva is hopefully gonna be in Abu Dhabi as well.

On MMA regulation in New York:

There’s been a lot of stuff in the press here recently. I’m very confident, again, that it will happen this year. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be here.