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Dana White Talks About Going Head-To-Head With WWE Tonight

Tonight will mark the first time the UFC has aired an event for Spike on a Monday night, a slot notoriously dominated by ratings juggernaut, Monday Night Raw. The weekly wrestling soap opera has been the longest running, episodic television series without going on hiatus, in television history. Professional wrestling mogul, Vince McMahon, responded to the news like an alpha male protecting his territory from an impending outsider.

Tonight’s installment of RAW includes reinforced star power from special guest host, eccentric boxing legend Mike Tyson.

McMahon’s bolstered roster appears to be a declaration of war with the fasting growing sports organization but UFC president Dana White reassured fight fans at a UFC Fight Night: Maynard vs. Diaz pre-fight presser that he had no intentions of permanently altering the Monday night landscape. In fact, the UFC boss has nothing but respect for the pro-wrestling statesman.

“You know what? I love Vince, man, he is an f**king animal isn’t he?” White interjected. He also added that it was Spike’s decision to air Fight Night at the same time as RAW and he had no say in the matter.

“We’re not trying to go against him. That night is the night Spike wanted the fight. That’s the night Spike wanted it and then, Vince goes into f**king war mode. He’s calling up Tyson, bringing guys back… I love it man. He’s an f**king animal,” proclaimed White while sporting a grin from ear to ear.

The outspoken and often humorous MMA figurehead bases his relationship with Vince McMahon out of respect but warned if the wrestling kingpin decided to cross lines into mix martial arts territory, counter-programming would be fair game.

“Wrestling and mixed martial arts are two completely different things. I respect Vince McMahon, I like this guy. I’ve had breakfast with him, he’s a good guy but he is an f**king animal. I’m not trying to beat him on Monday night. I don’t think we would beat them. Those guys pull killer ratings. It’s like the highest rated show on television like forever. We’re just putting on a fight on Monday night because Spike wanted us to. Now if he gets in the MMA business, it’d be a whole different ballgame,” White concluded.

Spike will be televising UFC Fight Night: Maynard vs. Diaz tonight at 9 PM ET. The headlining bout will shed light on whether or not Maynard is ready to claim the No. 1 lightweight contender spot and face reigning champ, BJ Penn.