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‘UFC 108: Evans vs. Silva’ Results

Welcome to’s live, round-by-round coverage of UFC 108: Evans vs. Silva. As always, live coverage of tonight’s main card is brought to you by UFC Internet Pay-Per-View on Yahoo! Sports.

Tonight’s fight card comes to us live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV. You can catch the PPV on TV or over the internet at Yahoo! Sports.

Now, on to the action! We’ll have quick match results available for you after each preliminary fight followed by live round-by round coverage of all main card bouts. Remember to keep refreshing this page for the most up to date results. For quick results of each round and notes during each fight, follow us on Twitter by clicking here.


Rafaello Oliveira defeated John Gunderson via unanimous decision (scores of 30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Jake Ellenberger defeated Mike Pyle via TKO (punches) at 0:22 of Round 2.

Mark Munoz defeated Ryan Jensen via submission (punches) at 2:30 of Round 1.

Cole Miller defeated Dan Lauzon via submission (inverted triangle choke) at 3:05 of Round 1.

Martin Kampmann defeated Jacob Volkmann via submission at 4:03 of Round 1.


Junior Dos Santos vs. Gilbert Yvel

Round 1: Dos Santos caught Yvel with a couple of big shots early. Dos Santos landed a big combination, and Yvel countered. Dos Santos dropped Yvel with a big left and followed up with a flurry of punches, causing referee Herb Dean to stop the fight.

Junior Dos Santos defeated Gilbert Yvel at 2:07 of Round 1.

After the bout, Dos Santos said that he believes he’s at the top of the heavyweight division with the victory. He said he loved to be a fighter and where he’s at, and said that he loved the fans.

Jim Miller vs. Duane Ludwig

Round 1: Miller attempted a straight right early, that he missed. Miller pushed forward and caught Ludwig with a nice combination of punches and kicks. Miller managed to floor Ludwig with a punch and got full mount. Ludwig tried to escape, but Miller got Ludwig’s arm and managed to lock in an armbar to submit Ludwig.

Jim Miller defeated Duane Ludwig via submission (armbar) at 2:31 of Round 1.

After the bout, Miller thanked everyone on the card that showed up on short notice with all the injuries on the card.

Former PRIDE lightweight champion Takanori Gomi was shown at ringside and it was announced that he was now with the UFC.

Joe Lauzon vs. Sam Stout

Round 1: Lauzon got the clinch early and took Stout to the ground. He got in Stout’s half guard and went for Stout’s arm, but Stout jumped to his feet. Stout is cut over his left eye. They traded blows on their feet. Lauzon went for another takedown, but Stout was able to defend before eventually being taken down. Stout got back to his feet and defended another takedown attempt from Lauzon. Lauzon pulled guard and took the fight to the ground again. Stout was able to get back to his feet. Stout stuffed another takedown and started to loosen up, landing body punches and kicks. Stout continued to work Lauzon over with kicks and punches as the round ended. Great round, Stout stole it with the last minute of the round. scores the round 10-9 for Stout.

Round 2: Lauzon continued to land kicks and punches. He rocked Lauzon with a head kick. Lauzon was able to take Stout to the ground and pressed him against the cage. Stout got back up to his keep and landed a nice combination. They continued to trade blows, with Stout getting the better of the exchanges. Stout stuffed another takedown and Lauzon pulled guard. Stout got back to his feet and continued to pick away at Stout. Stout took Lauzon down to the ground and Lauzon pulled guard again. Stout landed a couple of elbows and punches from the top as the round came to an end. scores the round 10-9 for Stout.

Round 3: Great exchange as the round opened. Stout continued to be aggressive and stuffed another takedown attempt. Stout continued to pick away at Lauzon, who looks spent. Lauzon was able to score a takedown with two minutes left in the round. Lauzon was able to get ahold of Stout’s neck, but Stout was able to break free and get back to his feet. Stout pegged Lauzon with a big uppercut and missed a big backfist, and continued to wail away on Lauzon as the round came to an end. Great fight, the fight of the night so far. I have it 30-27 for Stout, although I can easily see the first round going to Lauzon. scores the round 10-9 for Stout.

Sam Stout defeated Joe Lauzon via unanimous decision (scores of 30-26,30-27,30-27).

After the bout, Stout thanked his opponent and said he had fun. He thanked his camp, and thanked the Canadian fans.

Dustin Hazelett vs. Paul Daley

Round 1: Hazelett came out with some crazy cartwheel type move early that Daley dodged. A loud “USA” chant broke out. Hazelett landed a nice head kick, and Daley landed a leg kick of his own. Daley attempted a couple of head kicks that grazed Hazelett. Daley nailed Hazelett with a huge left hook that knocked Hazelett to the ground, and Daley landed a few more lefts on the ground and it’s over.

Paul Daley defeated Dustin Hazelett via KO (strikes) at 2:24 of Round 1.

After the bout, Daley said Hazelett was a great fighter and wished him the best. He apologized for his showboating after the fight, and said that he was just amped up.

Rashad Evans vs. Thiago Silva

Round 1: Both men touched gloves before the fight. Evans moved into Silva immediately and clinched against the cage. Evans got a takedown, but Silva got back up only to be taken down again by Evans. Evans got side control and got into mount but Silva was able to spin out and get back to his feet. A “Silva” chant broke out in the crowd. Both men exchanged on their feet and Evans scored another big takedown and got into side control. Silva got back to his feet again. Evans pushed forward again and went for the clinch. Evans landed a nice body shot and took Silva to the ground again. Silva got back to his feet and missed a couple punches as the round ended. Good round for Evans. scores the round 10-9 for Evans.

Round 2: Silva started the round circling to the right and Evans charged in and clinched Silva against the cage. Evans is looking the best I’ve ever seen him here. He scored another takedown, and the crowd seems to be turning, as a “USA” chant broke out. Silva got back up and Evans scored another big takedown. Silva is visibly frustrated. Silva got back to his feet and was driven to the cage by Evans. Silva was able to break free and land a shot in. Silva landed a kick and is loosening up a bit. Evans got another takedown, but Silva got back to his feet and they were tied up against the cage as the round came to a close. scores the round 10-9 for Evans.

Round 3: Silva needs to finish Evans in this round if he wants to win this fight. Silva stuffed a takedown, but Evans pressed Silva against the cage. Silva broke free and Evans backed away. Evans scored yet another takedown, and Silva was quickly back up to his feet. Silva continues to grow frustrated by Evans’ takedowns. Silva motioned for Evans to bring it, and Silva out his hands down and mocked Evans, trying to goad him into a stand up battle. Silva clipped Evans and knocked Evans to the ground, but Evans was able to regroup. Silva continued to tee off on Evans. Evans was able to break free and get back to the center of the cage. It looked over for a minute. Silva put his hands down, and I can’t tell if he’s catching his breath or mocking Evans. Evans attempted another takedown and pressed Silva against the cage and tried to complete the takedown as the round came to an end. Silva looked to have the fight won at the end of the round, but wasn’t able to finish. scores the round 10-9 for Silva.

Rashad Evans defeated Thiago Silva via unanimous decision (scores of 29-28,29-28,29-28).

After the bout, Evans noted that he went back to his wrestling. Evans admitted to being rocked in the third round. He went on to say that he wanted Rampage next.