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Dan Hardy Believes He Is George St-Pierre’s Kryptonite

Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy believes his greatest challenge to date, George St. Pierre, will not lack the fortitude to stand and trade during their impending fight at UFC 111 on March 27th. The hard-hitting Nottingham native explained during a UFC 107 fan Q&A earlier this month that he expects the exact opposite.

“I don’t think it’s a matter of not having balls, I think he’s too smart to stand with me. He knows what’s coming, it’s the left hook and at some point in five minutes I’ll land it.” When faced with the Canadian’s superior wrestling ability, Hardy added, “I expect him to take me down, I’ll just fight from that position. When you fight GSP, you expect to be taken down at some point in the fight but GSP should expect when he’s fighting someone like me, he’s gonna get hit in the face at some point in the fight.”

The British Bomber has received criticism, notably from fellow welterweight Josh Koscheck, about earning a shot at the title while only having four fights in the UFC but he was quick to remind the crowd that all four of those fights have been registered in the win column proving his consistency, a characteristic he says Koscheck lacks.

“The UFC looks for consistency. I’ve only had four fights in the UFC but I’ve won all of them and my overall record is 23-6. So I’ve got a lot of experience. Lately, Koscheck has been inconsistent, that’s all it is. It’s my turn and plus we’ve already seen GSP beat Koscheck.”

Despite their recent war of words, the mohawk sporting Brit acknowledges Koscheck’s place in the UFC. “He’s a great fighter, I don’t like the guy but he’s welcomed in the UFC. That way I’ll always be second place for the stupidest haircut. He’s a great fighter that will, at some point, get a shot at the title and hopefully it will be against me.”

As for his fight against St-Pierre, arguably one of the most well-rounded athletes in the sport, he wants to use the opportunity on March 27th at the Prudential Center in New Jersey to expose the champs weakness—The Brit himself.

“I am George St-Pierre’s kryptonite and I plan on exposing it with my left hook at about 1.34 of the second round,” Hardy explained while grinning at the crowd.

Hardy will be an extreme underdog across the board against the current champ but it’s a position the challenger is all too familiar with during his time with the UFC.

“I’m always the underdog. Every fight I go into, nobody thinks I’m going to win. I’ve beat; Gono, Markham, Davis, Swick and all four of them were suppose to run through me. It’s no surprise. I was talking with someone the other day saying that even when I beat St-Pierre and have the belt, it’s gonna take another four to five fights to prove that I’m the champion because nobody will give me that credit.” The thought spurred Hardy to ask his own question to the crowd.

“A question for all of you, how many people to I have to beat before you take me seriously?” Hardy posed. The crowd eagerly responded with, “ONE!” That one is George St-Pierre, the man standing in his way from being the first British fighter to hold a UFC title.