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Nelson "Doc" Hamilton Would Score UFC 104 Differently

In perhaps the biggest blunder since submitting his scorecard for the light heavyweight matchup between champion Lyoto Machida and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 104, MMM judge Nelson “Doc” Hamilton is now changing his tune after watching the fight on replay.

“There was a round in that fight [fourth round] where my line of sight while they were standing was blocked,” Hamilton told Yahoo!Sports. “Because of the angle where most of the round was fought, I couldn’t see the punches and whether they were landing. If the fight had been on the ground, I could look at the big screens, but this was a fight where the blows were coming one at a time and you don’t want to look away and miss an important blow.”

This was what Hamilton’s original scorecard looked like:

Machida 48-47:

Round 1: Rua 10-9
Round 2: Machida 10-9
Round 3: Machida 10-9
Round 4: Machida 10-9
Round 5: Rua 10-9

No word on what Shogun or his team thinks about Hamilton’s comments.