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CondomDepot.Com Will No Longer Penetrate The Octagon

It appears that Zuffa, LLC, the parent company of the WEC and UFC, isn’t a big advocate of promoting safe sex. Or, they could care less if their fans buy their rubbers from or not, as the MMA powerhouse has banned the “World’s Best Condoms” provider from sponsoring any of their fighters, effective immediately.

Although Zuffa has not released a statement regarding the separation, and don’t hold your breath for one, the other side has and it appears the two parties didn’t end amicably. In fact, the finger (guess which one), is being pointed at a certain president (guess which one) …

“Dana White Took Food From The Mouths of Our Sponsored Fighters Just In Time For Christmas! Sorry Spencer, Josh, Gabe, Jake and everyone else,” marketing director Jennifer Amato stated in an email to

“We have been notified that we have been Banned From the UFC and WEC! We have provided fighters 100’s of thousands of dollars DIRECTLY over the last 2 years but can no longer do so! Not to mention word came down during AIDS awareness month!! UFC a Classy Organization [run] by an even Classier Guy.”

This isn’t the first company given the Heisman by Zuffa as Affliction (at one point), RVCA and Clinch Gear have all been banned from the UFC and WEC.