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Strikeforce: Cung Le vs. Scott "Hands Of Steel" Smith

Cung Le vs. Scott “Hands Of Steel” Smith

Round 1: Smith came out aggressive, missing a flurry of punches and kicks. Le grazed Smith with a spinning high kick and floored him with a spinning heel kick. Le started dropping punches on Smith from the top and was wailing away on the side of Smith’s head. Le continued to drop hammer fists, and Smith was somehow able to get back to his feet. Smith started chasing Le, and Le knocked Smith to the mat with another spinning roundhouse kick. Le nailed Smith with yet another spinning roundhouse kick. Smith finally was able to press Le against the cage as the round came to a close. If Le has any ring rust, he hasn’t shown it so far. scores the round 10-9, almost 10-8, for Le.

Round 2: Le started the round with an assortment of kicks. Smith looks confused as to how to defend them. Le floored Smith yet again with a spinning roundhouse and got on top in Smith’s guard. Le tried to mount, but was caught in his guard. They were eventually stood up and Smith came out swinging, but Le was able to dodge his blows. Smith pressed Le against the cage, but Le was able to turn him around and press Smith against the cage and drop knees to Smith’s legs. Smith swung wildly as the round came to an end. scores the round 10-9 for Le.

Round 3: Le rocked Smith with a pair of roundhouse kicks again. He landed another devastating kick to Smith’s midsection. Smith appears to be just looking for a knockout punch at this point. Le stayed elusive and managed to pepper Smith with strikes of his own, and then scored a takedown, but Smith quickly got back to his feet. Smith managed to catch Le with a big right and dropped him with another. He starting teeing away on him and kept swinging until John McCarthy jumped in to stop the fight. Amazing fight, and a great end to one of the best fight cards of the year.

Scott Smith defeated Cung Le via KO (strikes) at 3:25 of Round 3.

After the bout, Smith said he wants to go home and enjoy Christmas with his kids.

After the bout, Le said Smith was the better man tonight and apologized for the loss. Le said that it wasn’t ring rust, and that he just got hit with a big punch.