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Dana White: NBC’s Sale To Comcast "Very Interesting"

Saying that the UFC could end up on network television may be a bit premature but taking a look into the UFC’s future is fair game. Earlier this month G.E., the parent company of NBC, announced that they are working on a deal to sell the network to Comcast.

Comcast also happens to own the Versus Network, which airs WEC programming and will soon be broadcasting UFC events as well.

When asked about the possibility of the UFC ending up on NBC with a network television deal, White responded by saying, “It’s obviously very interesting.”

White has promised that at some point, the UFC will secure a network TV deal and will use it to air four major events a year to feature his promotion’s best fighters.

An admitted avid fan of boxing, White has talked about how boxing’s best days were when the biggest bouts were given away for free.

It’s not all about being benevolent though, the UFC will obviously continue using the Pay-Per-View route to draw in money.