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Quinton "Rampage" Jackson And Dana White Have Unpleasant Conversation

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Dana White are talking again even if it isn’t under the greatest of terms. The UFC president told Fanhouse at the UFC 107 pre-fight press conference in Memphis that Jackson had sent him a nasty text message on the day of The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale that started a heated dialogue.

“Me and Rampage had a very unpleasant 45 min conversation right before the finale,” said White. “We started fighting on text that day. He sent me a really bad text and I sent him a really bad text back.” He laughing added, “Then he sent me another text that said, “Call me, I can’t spell good enough to fight on text. And that’s how it started.”

The two have been exasperating their relationship ever since Rampage decided against fighting Rashad Evans to conclude the most recent season of The Ultimate Fighter in order to play the role of Sgt. B.A. Baracus in the new remake of The A-Team. Jackson has been quoted saying he wanted to take on the character, which was originally played by Mr. T, for sentimental reasons involving his childhood relationship with his father.

Despite his turbulent relationship with the UFC, Rampage Jackson has recently said on his blog that he will return to the octagon, a rumor that Dana White has confirmed for 2010, to finish out the last fight on his contract. It has also been reported that Rampage’s opponent could be Rashad Evans as long as he defeats Brazilian Thiago Silva at UFC 108.

The animated fighter’s UFC future is far from certain after his last fight expires. According to the statements on Jackson’s website, fans should not mistake his return as an act of reconsolidation with Dana White. Rampage explains on his blog that he’s essentially “coming back for the fans, to shut Rashad’s mouth up, and to shut Dana’s mouth up.” In regards to his future in MMA, he also said that after his last fight in the UFC he’s going to return to movies and possibly compete in a boxing match once a year just to stay in shape.