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Dana White Gives Kimbo Slice His Props

During the pre-fight press conference for UFC 107 in Memphis, UFC president Dana White shared his thoughts and opinions on Kimbo Slice’s highly anticipated octagon debut at The Ultimate Fighter 10 finale in a recent interview with Fanhouse. The uneventful first round saw a tentative Kimbo Slice chasing Houston Alexander around the cage without any significant strikes being thrown by either fighter. It was an opening two minutes a displeasured Dana White could barely watch.

“I wanted to leave,” White admitted. “I seriously wanted to get up and leave. If I didn’t have to hand out the trophy at the end of the night, I would have left.”

It was a fight between two strikers who on paper were likely to brawl it out until the other got dropped. Instead, Houston continued to retreat from the inexperienced Kimbo who eventually resorted to verbal pleads in the cage for engagement towards the end of the fight. Dana White had an equal amount of praise for Kimbo’s efforts as he did frustration for Houston’s lackluster tactics.

“I’ve got to give props to Kimbo; he beat a real guy in the UFC,” said White. “Whoever came up with Houston Alexander’s game plan ought to be kicked in the nuts for five minutes straight. I don’t know if it was his coaches that came up with that or whatever, but not only did they give him the wrong game plan, they completely destroyed everything about Houston Alexander.”

“Maybe Kalib Starnes was coaching him for this fight,” he jokingly added.

White went on to say that not only was he impressed with Kimbo’s willingness to make the fight exciting despite Houston avoiding all confrontation in the cage, but that he was impressed with Kimbo’s overall progress.

“After all the shit I talked, Kimbo came to the Ultimate Fighter. He learned some things, got some experience, came to the UFC and won his first fight.”

Dana White also had this to say about each fighter’s future as company employees, “Kimbo will be fighting his next guy, but Houston’s gone; I don’t even want talk to him right now. We’re cutting him, if we haven’t done it already.”

Even though his inaugural match is far removed from any fight of the year lists, Kimbo Slice showed enough to fight another day.