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UFC Cuts Houston Alexander After Loss To Kimbo Slice

According to a report on, UFC President Dana White announced today at the UFC 107 pre-event press conference that the organization would be cutting Houston Alexander. Alexander is coming off of a unanimous decision loss to Kimbo Slice this past Saturday at The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale, his fourth straight loss in the octagon.

Alexander spent the entire first round of his bout with Slice circling the cage and avoiding contact, causing the fans at the event to litter the arena with boos.

“I was going to leave,” White said of the bout. “I was going to get up and walk out of the fight. That’s what I thought of it. If I didn’t have to hand out ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ trophy at the end (of the event), I would have left that night. It wasn’t a good night for me.

“The last thing I expected was for Houston Alexander to come in and do the Kalib Starnes,” White stated, in reference to Starnes’ bout against Nate Quarry in 2008 where he spent the entire fight backpeddling from Quarry en route to being ousted from the promotion.

Prior to his loss to Slice, Alexander defeated Sherman Pendergarst at an Adrenaline MMA event in September. It was believed that a loss there would have resulted in Alexander being ousted from the UFC.

“As disgusted as I was with Houston Alexander’s performance, Kimbo beat a real guy,” White noted.

White remarked that he had yet to speak to Alexander since Saturday’s event.

“I don’t even want to talk to him,” he said. “Houston had an opportunity to – ahh, anyway.”