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Matt Hamill Suffered Dislocated Shoulder In Bout With Jon Jones

Matt Hamill’s camp is reporting that the fighter suffered a dislocated left shoulder during his bout with Jon Jones at The Ultimate Finale 10 this past Saturday. According to a report on, the fighter was taken to an area hospital to have his shoulder placed back into its socket. Hamill will also undergo an MRI to check for any soft tissue damage.

The fighter suffered the injury early in the bout when he was thrown to the ground in the first round. Jones went on to mount Hamill and delivered several devastating elbows from the top. Jones stayed aggressive in his attack and continued to reign down elbows, but connected with some illegal downward elbows, which prompted referee Steve Mazzagatti to pause the fight. Mazzagatti stated that he was going to deduct a point from Jones, however Hamill wasn’t able to continue.

“He showed so much heart hanging in there with only one arm,” Hamill’s trainer, Duff Holmes, told “He’s a true warrior, and I’ve never been more proud of him. It was the first time in 11 pro fights that he’s ever been taken down. I was happy with his performance until that point, and he showed his continued growth as a well-rounded fighter.”

Jones celebrated as doctors attended to Hamill, and the announcers noted that Jones was now 10-0 after the bout. However, to the surprise of the entire crowd and the announcers, Hamill was named the victor as a result of a disqualification. The defeat was the first of Jones’ career.

“Jon Jones did a good job, and he’s a great kid,” Holmes admitted. “He was all class in the way he handled himself, and I’m scared to see how good he’ll be by the time he’s in his 30s. He and his team should be proud.”