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Jon Jones Admits To Being Confused By The Rules, Thought He Had Won Fight

One of the big stories coming out of last night’s The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Finale was the bout between light heavyweight prospects Jon Jones and Matt Hamill. Despite coming out on the losing end of the stick, Jones came out of the night looking like a legitimate contender at 205.

Jones overwhelmed Hamill from the onset of their contest. Jones mounted Hamill early in the first round and started landing some devastating elbows from the top. Jones stayed aggressive in his attack and continued to reign down elbows, but connected with some illegal downward elbows, which prompted referee Steve Mazzagatti to pause the fight. Mazzagatti stated that he was going to deduct a point from Jones, however Hamill wasn’t able to continue.

During the post-fight press conference, Jones admitted to being confused about the rules, and introduced the elbows as a way to finish off his opponent when the bout wasn’t being stopped.

“Yeah, I’m not positive what the rules are,” Jones admitted. “I hit him so many times with so many legal blows that I was looking for ways to hit him more effectively.”

Jones celebrated as doctors attended to Hamill, and the announcers noted that Jones was now 10-0 after the bout. However, to the surprise of the entire crowd and the announcers, Hamill was named the victor as a result of a disqualification. The defeat was the first of Jones’ career.

“I was kind of confused,” said Jones. “I thought a point was being taken away. I wasn’t really positive what was going on.

“I thought I won,” he continued. “When they said I lost, I was like, ‘No, this can’t be happening,’ but I lost. But everything happens for a reason and you have to stay strong and bounce back stronger. When I was undefeated I was so nervous. Now I have a loss on my record.”

The 22-year old fighter is not looking to contest the decision, and said that he looks at the bout as a learning experience.

“I feel great, I’m healthy,” he said. “I try to look at everything in life for the best. Now I’m not undefeated anymore. So now I can be more relaxed.”