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Instant Replay Used In Matt Hamill – Jon Jones Bout

The recently instituted instant replay was used for the first time in an MMA bout Nevada at The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Finale tonight. According to a report on, Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer stated that referee Steve Mazzagatti used the instant replay before making his official ruling in the Jon Jones – Matt Hamill bout.

Jones overwhelmed Hamill from the onset of their contest. Jones mounted Hamill and started landing some devastating elbows from the top. Jones stayed aggressive in his attack, but landed an illegal downward elbow, which prompted Mazzagatti to stand the fighters up and pause the fight. Mazzagatti stated that he was going to deduct a point from Jones, however Hamill wasn’t able to continue.

Jones celebrated as doctors attended to Hamill, and the announcers noted that Jones was now 10-0 after the bout. However, to the surprise of the entire crowd and the announcers, Hamill was named the victor as a result of a disqualification. The defeat was the first of Jones’ career.

“I’ve heard that so many times, when you lose, you come back a better, stronger person,” Jones said after the fight. “Regardless of the outcome, God is so good to me and life is so great, and I’m just so grateful for being healthy and everything else. Everything happens for a reason.”